• Asset Recovery Services

    We are a professional team originating from national and international companies, leaders in IT asset recovery services and migration projects. We use the highest international standards in logistics, equipment traceability, data wiping and environmental certification.

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Data Wiping

We offer safe and certified wiping of data from equipment, permanently and irreversibly, in our facilities or on client premises.

IT Recycling Services

We recycle all IT equipment that cannot be reused. Fully certified environmental recycling process to ISO 14001 norm and local legislation.

Mobile Data Wiping

Collection, data destruction and repurchase of mobile devices (Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.). Certified, secure and auditable processes.

IT Rental Services

We offer leading brands’ equipment rental services for your temporary projects: laptops, PCs, monitors, servers, switches, routers, printers and projectors.

IT Equipment Repurchase

We repurchase your IT equipment at the best possible value, thus improving your ROI (PCs, laptops, monitors, servers, mobile devices, etc.)


We use the most advanced data wiping processes to erase the information stored on hard drives and magnetic tapes.

What we do at iQtec

Evaluation of the proyect
We determine beforehand the value of the IT equipment to be recovered and the cost of its logistics recovery and treatment process.
We can coordinate the pickup of thousands of assets, packed or loose, in locations over the whole Spanish and Portuguese territories.
We make a computer inventory of each unit and affix our own barcode for impeccable traceability.
Once all processes are complete, we send a comprehensive report with full information on all technical, physical and data wiping audits.
Data wiping
We help you protect all of your data with a 100% guaranteed, secure and certified data erasure of all storage units.
In compliance with ISO 14001 standards, any equipment not fit for reuse is recycled according to environmental requirements.
The sale of equipment is carried out through our distribution channels and a network of customers in over 30 countries.
We perform a technical audit and generate individual reports with the equipment’s technical specifications.

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