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We are a professional team originating from national and international companies, leaders in IT asset recovery services and migration projects.

We use the highest international standards in logistics, equipment traceability, data wiping and environmental certification.

Data Wiping
Data Wiping
We offer safe and certified wiping of data from equipment, permanently and irreversibly, in our facilities or on client premises.
Mobile Data Wiping
Mobile Data Wiping
Collection, data destruction and repurchase of mobile devices (Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.). Certified, secure and auditable processes.
IT Equipment Repurchase
IT Equipment Repurchase
We repurchase your IT equipment at the best possible value, thus improving your ROI (PCs, laptops, monitors, servers, mobile devices, etc.)
IT Recycling Services
IT Recycling Services
We recycle all IT equipment that cannot be reused. Fully certified environmental recycling process to ISO 14001 norm and local legislation.
IT Rental Services
IT Rental Services
We offer leading brands’ equipment rental services for your temporary projects: laptops, PCs, monitors, servers, switches, routers, printers and projectors.
We use the most advanced data wiping processes to erase the information stored on hard drives and magnetic tapes.

Frequent questions

What erasure standards are used to delete data?

The most used standards to guarantee data deletion are HMG InfoSec Standard 5 Lower Standard, used by the United Kingdom Government and, with increasing prominence, the NIST 800-88 Clear recommended by the US Federal Government and adopted by multinationals around the world. With the use of Blancco, we have the possibility to choose between more than 25 different standards to adapt to the needs of our clients; You can find the full list on this link: https://www.blancco.com/about-us/supported-standards/

How to delete data from a computer that does not boot?

It is common to find computers that do not boot but still contain a hard drive with information that needs deleting. In that case, the equipment is opened, the disk is extracted and inventoried by tracing it with the serial number of the system it is coming from. This hard drive is then connected to a separate erasure system and processed by the Blancco software, thus obtaining an erasing certificate from it and ensuring no data is left un-wiped.

What happens if a hard drive is damaged and cannot be fully erased by the Blancco software?

It may happen that the data wipe process is not 100% complete because some sectors of the disk are bad or cannot be accessed. To ensure data deletion, the hard drive is physically demagnetized and/or destroyed using a CESG certified HDD and SSD demagnetizer and/or destroyer recommended by NATO and other agencies. At the end of the process, the destruction is documented with a photograph of each destroyed hard drive and its corresponding serial number.

How is the repurchase value of the equipment calculated?

As we it is not possible to know in advance the condition of the equipment we recover, we offer a market value for assets in good cosmetic and functional conditions according to their brand, model and configuration. During the processing of the equipment, our technicians carry out an full audit and record the defects in our management system. A discount table is applied to those defects to obtain the final value of the devices. All the details of the audit can found in the reports that we provide and, to offer total transparency of our processes, the equipment remains the property of our clients until the final valuation of the batch is accepted.

What information is necessary to organize the collection of computer equipment?

To calculate costs and organize a smooth logistics service without issues, we need to know the location of the collection, the type and quantity of equipment to be collected, measurements and weights of large equipment such as Rack Cabinets, Photocopiers, UPSs, etc… confirm if we can get to the equipment with a cart, possible access difficulties such as stairs, underground parking, etc… Our project management team will help you evaluate all the elements to assess and organize the service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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